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I'm Jess and I founded Food Forward Thinking LLC to support quality foodservice operations in convenience stores, restaurants, and grocery chains.  My background includes product development for convenience and quick service restaurants.  My specialty is elevating operations consistency and menu labeling compliance for growing chains. 

I led fresh food product development and quality assurance at Thorntons, Inc., a convenience store chain which operates nearly 200 locations across six states. The foodservice platform established there is leading the industry in evolving consumer expectations and elevating food quality

At Yum! Brands, Inc., one of the world's largest restaurant companies, I conducted consumer research and developed food items for ten years.  My experience with Kentucky Fried Chicken in the United States includes a national product launch and product design for the innovative fast-casual concept store KFC eleven.  My experience internationally has provided unique insight into how to develop relevant, successful products. I understand trends and localization of tastes as well as large-scale commercialization.  With KFC Middle East I lived and worked in Dubai, UAE developing new food items and equipment for the region. I also worked for KFC UK in London, England on a pivotal new breakfast platform, and conducted research and training for KFC in Latin America.  

Launching dozens of products across nearly 5000 stores in the United States and 16 countries has given me exceptional perspective for developing products, procedures, and team member training that promote taste, consistency, and ease of operations.  

I have a Bachelor of Science in Food Science & Technology from the University of Kentucky and currently live on an organic dairy farm.  I have a proven track record of working quickly to bring profitable, innovative platforms to market.  With a commercial kitchen and the flexibility to travel, I can provide real operator and developer perspectives to your unique challenges. Let's discuss how I can support your team.

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